Friday, April 28, 2006

It's all about meme

Lady Tess tagged me to answer this meme, so here goes.

Six minutes to yourself - how would you spend them:
Probably sleeping!

Six bucks to spend right now - how would you spend it:
I'd get a paperback at Borders, if I was allowed a little extra to cover the tax. Picking just one is too hard, though.

Six items you'd leave behind if your house were on fire:
(1) Old musty books I know I'll never read; (2) overstuffed blue recliner that's covered in cat hair; (3) my turntable and LP collection; (4) all the empty boxes in the closet under the staircase; (5) boxes of old library science magazines; (6) the little wads of paper that my cats love to bat around

Six items you'd grab if your house were on fire:
(1) My husband (2) my cats (3) my computer (4) my book collection (5) cabinet with my genealogy files (6) dolls I inherited from my grandmother. This is cheating, but it's all in good fun :)

Six words you love:
Let's go to Indy this weekend.
(home of a major shopping mall, two Trader Joe's, a Wild Oats, the Cheesecake Factory, and not one but two Half Price Books outlets)

Six things you want to accomplish before you leave the earthly plane: (1) Read all of the books that I own; (2) travel more - especially to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand; (3) write another historical fiction reference book; (4) live long enough to retire and move back to New England; (5) go back to New York City and have another great meal at Mitali East, followed by a trip to The Strand; (6) finish the cross-stitch tapestry I've been working on for eons.

Anyone else want to play?

In other news, I added my books to Librarything last night, uploading them all from Readerware. The upload ran all night, and I woke up to find I'm #4 in the system (even after removing 500 dupes because the system hiccupped on a bunch of titles). Looks like about 10% of my books don't have ISBNs, so they're not reflected in my public catalog.

Last but not least, a little BSP: as of fall 2006 I'll be a tenured Associate Professor of Library Services at EIU. My tenure and promotion applications were approved on Monday. Yay!


  1. Congratulations, Madam Professor! :)

  2. Hee, thanks. So does this mean I can stop writing and publishing now? :)

  3. You would take your computer before your books? :)

  4. That's a tough one! I'd hate to give up either. I have 6+ years' worth of files and email on my home PC, and without any of that, I'd be totally lost. I guess I was thinking if I had to grab stuff and run, the CPU would be a heck of a lot easier to grab :)