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Author Interviews, 2006-present:

Bagwell, Gillian
Barnhill, Anne Clinard
Binns, Stewart
Blevins, Christine
Blixt, David [part 1 | part 2, for The Master of Verona]; also [part 1 / part 2, for What Girls Are Good For: A Novel of Nellie Bly]
Braithwaite, Kate
Byrd, Sandra
Callaghan, Carrie
Chamberlin, Ann
Cornick, Nicola
McLaughlin, M. A.
McNees, Kelly O'Connor
Morin, Donna Russo
O'Brien, Patricia
Polites, Taylor
Porter, Margaret
Powell, E. M.
Proud, Linda [part 1 | part 2]
Raybourn, Deanna
Rendfeld, Kim
Romano-Lax, Andromeda [from 2008] [from 2021]
Rose, Julie K.
Scott, Susan Holloway
Sharratt, Mary [from 2010] [from 2012] [from 2016]
Smith, Anne Easter
Smith, Phyllis T.
Starkston, Judith
Thomson, Cindy
Tod, M.K.
Webb, Heather
Weisgarber, Ann
White, Alana [from 2012] [from 2016] [from 2022]
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn

Book Reviews, 2006-2019

Agee, Jonis - The River Wife (1811 and 1930s New Madrid, Missouri)
Albert, Susan Wittig - A Wilder Rose (Depression-era America)
Alderman, Naomi - The Liars' Gospel (1st-century Judea)
Alfieri, Annamaria - Invisible Country (19th-c Paraguay)
Alison, Jane - The Love-Artist (1st-century Rome)
Amirrezvani, Anita - Equal of the Sun (16th-c Iran)
Anand, Valerie - The House of Lanyon (15th c West Country, England)
Ashford, Lindsay - The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen (early 19th-c England)
Atlee, Alison - The Typewriter Girl (Victorian England)
Augustave, Elsie - The Roving Tree (1950s-80s Haiti, New York, Zaire)
Avery, Ellis - The Teahouse Fire (late 19th-c Japan)

Ballard, Mignon F. - Miss Dimple Disappears (WWII Georgia)
Barden, Jenny - Mistress of the Sea (1570s England and Caribbean)
Begiebing, Robert J. - The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin (colonial New Hampshire) and The Turner Erotica (Victorian England/Europe)
Belfoure, Charles - The Paris Architect (WWII France)
Bell, Anne - Daughter of the Dragon (11th-c Wales)
Bell, Zana - Forbidden Frontier (frontier Australia/New Zealand)
Bennett, Vanora - Portrait of an Unknown Woman (Tudor England)
Billington, Rachel - Maria and the Admiral (19th-c Chile)
Black, Michelle - Seance in Sepia (modern and 19th-century New York & Chicago)
Blake, Sarah - Grange House (late 19th-c Maine)
Blixt, David - The Master of Verona (1314 Verona, Italy)
Bodden, Marlen Suyapa - The Wedding Gift (antebellum Alabama)
Borodale, Jane - The Book of Fires (1752 Sussex, England)
Boyne, John - The House of Special Purpose (early 20th-c Russia)
Boyne, John - This House Is Haunted (Victorian England)
Bracewell, Patricia - Shadow on the Crown (11th-c England)
Bradford, Barbara Taylor - Letter from a Stranger (modern Istanbul, WWII Germany)
Brallier, Kate - The Boundless Deep (time-slip, present-day and 1820s Nantucket)
Brill, Amy - The Movement of Stars (1845 Nantucket)
Brooks, Geraldine - Caleb's Crossing (17th-c Martha's Vineyard and Cambridge, MA)
Brown, Eli - Cinnamon and Gunpowder (early 19th-c sea adventure)
Brown, Eric - Murder By the Book (1950s London)
Brown, Molly - Invitation to a Funeral (Restoration England)
Bryant, Lynne - Alligator Lake (1940s-2001 Mississippi)
Bundrick, Sheramy - Sunflowers (1883 Arles, France)
Butler, Jo Ann - Rebel Puritan (1630s-40s Massachusetts & Rhode Island)

Cameron, Michelle - The Fruit of Her Hands (13th-c France and Germany)
Cantrell, Julie - Into the Free (Depression-era Mississippi)
Carhart, Thad - Across the Endless River (19th-c Missouri and Europe)
Carr, Carol K. - India Black: A Madam of Espionage Mystery (Victorian London)
Carr, Philippa - The Miracle at St. Bruno's (1530s-40s England)
Challis, Joanna - Murder on the Cliffs (1928 Cornwall)
Chevalier, Tracy - The Lady and the Unicorn (15th-c France and Flanders)
Clark, Clare - Beautiful Lies (Victorian London)
Clark, Clare - Savage Lands (18th-c colonial Louisiana)
Clark, Jean - Untie the Winds (17th-c New Haven, Connecticut)
Condé, Maryse - Victoire: My Mother's Mother (19th-20th c Guadeloupe)
Cornwell, Bernard - Death of Kings (9th-10th c England)
Cullen, Lynn - The Creation of Eve (17th-c Spain)

Dallas, Sandra - The Bride's House (19th-20th c Colorado)
Davies, Caitlin - Family Likeness (1950s and modern England)
De Robertis, Carolina - The Invisible Mountain (early 20th-c Uruguay)
De Rosnay, Tatiana - The House I Loved (19th-c Paris; external site)
Dean, Anna - A Moment of Silence / Bellfield Hall (1805 England)
Dean, Anna - A Gentleman of Fortune (1806 England)
Dean, Dinah - Silk and Stone (1140s England)
Desrochers, Suzanne - Bride of New France (17th-c New France, Canada)
Dillon, Eilís - Wild Geese (18th-c France and America)
Dineley, E.A. - The Death of Lyndon Wilder and the Consequences Thereof (Regency England)
Drosso, Anne-Marie - In Their Father's Country (20th-c Cairo)
Ducharme, Diann - The Outer Banks House (post-Civil War North Carolina)
Dunant, Sarah - Blood & Beauty (Renaissance Italy)
Dunn, Suzannah - The Confession of Katherine Howard (Tudor England)

Eccles, Marjorie - The Shape of Sand (early 20th-c England and Egypt)
Elliott, Anna - Twilight of Avalon (6th-c Cornwall)
Emerson, Kate - Royal Inheritance (Tudor England)
Ennis, Michael - The Malice of Fortune (Renaissance Italy)
Epstein, Alex - The Circle Cast (Arthurian-era Ireland)
Erskine, Barbara - Time's Legacy (timeslip, modern and 1st-c Glastonbury, England)

Fairburn, Eleanor - The Golden Hive (11th-c Wales)
Fay, Kim - The Map of Lost Memories (1925 Shanghai, Vietnam, and Cambodia)
Ferrer, Sophie - The Jewess of Kaifeng (17th-c Macao and Kaifeng, China)
Feuchtwanger, Lion - Raquel: The Jewess of Toledo (12th-c Spain)
Fields, Jennie - The Age of Desire (early 20th-c France, England, Massachusetts)
Fiorato, Marina - The Daughter of Siena (1723 Siena, Italy)
Follett, Ken - Fall of Giants (early 20th c - external site) and Winter of the World (WWII)
Ford, Michael Thomas - Jane Bites Back (contemporary U.S.)
Fowler, Therese Anne, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (Jazz Age)
Frank, Thaisa - Heidegger's Glasses (WWII Germany)
Franklin, Tom, and Beth Ann Fennelly - The Tilted World (1927 Mississippi)
Freeman, Kimberley - Lighthouse Bay (1901 and 2011 Australia)

Gable, Rebecca - The Settlers of Catan (Viking-age Scandinavia and elsewhere)
Gantt, DeVa - Colette Trilogy (A Silent Ocean Away, Decision and Destiny, Forever Waiting, 1830s West Indies)
Gedge, Pauline - The King's Man (ancient Egypt - external site)
Gifford, Melanie - The Gallows Girl (18th-c Hampshire, England)
Gilbert, Elizabeth - The Signature of All Things (1800s US and elsewhere)
Gower, Iris - Destiny's Child (15th-c England)
Graham, Jo - The General's Mistress (Napoleonic Europe)
Gregory, Philippa - The Wise Woman (1530s County Durham, England) and The White Princess (Tudor England)
Grissom, Kathleen - The Kitchen House (18th-19th c Virginia)
Gunesekera, Romesh - The Prisoner of Paradise (1825 Mauritius)
Gunning, Sally - The Rebellion of Jane Clarke (1760s Boston and Cape Cod)

Hand, Dana - Deep Creek (1887 Idaho Territory)
Haran, Maeve - The Lady and the Poet (Elizabethan England)
Hartshorne, Pamela - Time's Echo (Tudor and modern York, England)
Harwood, John - The Séance (Victorian England)
Hays, Tony - The Beloved Dead (Arthurian England)
Hepinstall, Kathy - Blue Asylum (Sanibel Island, Florida, Civil War)
Herbert, Kathleen - Moon in Leo (1678 northern England)
Hill, Frances - Deliverance from Evil (Salem witch trials)
Hill, Pamela - Countess Isabel (12th-c England); Forget Not Ariadne (18th-c Europe)
Hislop, Victoria - The Island (20th-c Greece)
Hoover, Michelle - The Quickening (20th-c Midwest)
Horn, Dara. All Other Nights (US Civil War)
Hunter, Frances - The Fairest Portion of the Globe (American frontier, 1793)

Ironside, Lavender - The Sekhmet Bed (ancient Egypt)

Jacobs, Linda - Lake of Fire (1900 Yellowstone Nat'l Park)
Jenkins, Rebecca - The Duke's Agent (1811 County Durham, England)
Jinks, Catherine. The Inquisitor (1318 French Pyrenees); The Notary (14th-c Avignon, France); The Secret Familiar (1321 Narbonne, France)
Jio, Sarah - Blackberry Winter (1933 and modern Seattle)
Johns, Rebecca - The Countess (16th-c Hungary)
Jones, Sherry - Four Sisters, All Queens (13th-c England and Europe)

Kalla, Daniel - Rising Sun, Falling Shadow (WWII Shanghai)
Kalotay, Daphne - Russian Winter (Soviet Russia & present-day Boston)
Kelly, Carla - Beau Crusoe (Regency England)
Kernaghan, Eileen - The Alchemist's Daughter (1587 England)
Kernochan, Sarah - Jane Was Here (modern and 19th-century Massachusetts)
Kingman, Peg - Not Yet Drown'd (1822 Scotland and India)
Knight, Brigid - The Cloister and the Citadel (16th-c France, Netherlands)

Lamb, Victoria - The Queen's Secret (1575 Warwickshire)
Lawrenson, Deborah - The Lantern (modern and 1930s-40s Provence)
Lazar, Barbara - The Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai (12th-c Japan)
Lefteri, Christy - A Watermelon, a Fish, and a Bible (1974 Cyprus)
Llywelyn, Morgan - After Rome (1st-c Britain)
Long, James - Ferney (timeslip, England)
Lowe, Georgia - The Bonus (Depression-era America)
Lovett, Charlie - The Bookman's Tale (multi-period England, 16th c to now)
Luke, Mary - The Nonsuch Lure (Tudor England)
Lyndon, Robert - Hawk Quest (11th-c England, Europe, Asia)

Macmillan, Norma - The Maquinna Line (20th-c Vancouver Island, Canada)
Mandanna, Sarita - Tiger Hills (19th-20th c Coorg, India)
Mankell, Henning - A Treacherous Paradise (1905 Portuguese East Africa/Mozambique)
Manrique, Jaime - Our Lives Are the Rivers (19th-c Ecuador & Bolivia)
McCrumb, Sharyn - The Devil Amongst the Lawyers (1935 Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia)
McCrumb, Sharyn - The Ballad of Tom Dooley (1860s Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina)
McGee, James - Rebellion (Napoleonic France)
McLoughlin, Rosemary - Tyringham Park (early 20th-c Ireland)
McMahon, Katharine - The Crimson Rooms (1924 London and environs)
McNamara, Frances. Death at Hull House (1893 Chicago)
McNamara, Frances - Death at Pullman (1894 Pullman, Illinois)
McNeill, Elisabeth. The Heartbreaker (1740s Europe & Carolinas)
McVeigh, Jennifer - The Fever Tree (1880s South Africa)
Miley, Mary - The Impersonator (1920s America)
Molinaro, Ursule - The New Moon with the Old Moon in Her Arms (ancient Greece)
Montefiore, Santa - The Mermaid Garden (1960s and 2009 Italy)
Moore, Joyce - The Tapestry Shop (1260s Northern France)
Moran, Michelle - Madame Tussaud (French Revolution)
Morgan, Bernice - Random Passage / Waiting for Time (1800s Newfoundland)
Morgan, Jude - The Taste of Sorrow (1820s-30s Yorkshire)
Morin, Donna Russo - The King's Agent (Renaissance Italy)
Morton, Kate - The Distant Hours and The Secret Keeper (WWII and contemporary England)
Myers, Tamar. The Witch Doctor's Wife (1958 Belgian Congo)

Neary, Annemarie - A Parachute in the Lime Tree (WWII Ireland)
Némirovsky, Irène - Fire in the Blood (1930s rural Burgundy)
Newmark, Elle - The Sandalwood Tree (1857 and 1947 India)
Norman, Diana - Fitzempress' Law (12th-c England)
Norman, Diana - King of the Last Days (12th-c England)
Novik, Mary - Conceit (Elizabethan and Jacobean London)

O'Hara, Maryanne - Cascade (1930s Massachusetts)
O'Melveny, Regina - The Book of Madness and Cures (Renaissance Europe)

Parker, Ann - Mercury's Rise (1880s Colorado)
Parker, Michael - The Watery Part of the World (contemporary and 19th-century Outer Banks, NC)
Parkinson, Siobhán - Painted Ladies (late 19th-c Paris and Denmark)
Parmar, Priya - Exit the Actress (Restoration London)
Parris, S. J. - Heresy (16th-c Oxford, England)
Peters, Maureen - A Song for Marguerite (13th-c England)
Polikoff, Barbara Garland - Her Mother's Secret (late 19th-c Chicago; YA)
Potluri, Annapurna - The Grammarian (1911 South India)
Powning, Beth - The Sea Captain's Wife (1860s New Brunswick & at sea)

Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Grave (Victorian England)
Rayner, Claire - The Performers Series (Victorian London)
Redfern, Margaret - Flint (early 13th-c Wales)
Reed, Mary, and Eric Mayer - Nine for the Devil (6th-c Byzantium)
Rich, Roberta - The Midwife of Venice (16th-c Venice)
Richardson, Heather - Magdeburg (Germany; 30 Years' War)
Rideout, Tanis - Above All Things (1920s England and Mt. Everest)
Riley, Judith Merkle - The Serpent Garden (1514 England)
Rock, Phillip - The Passing Bells (WWI England)
Rock, Phillip - Circles of Time (post-WWI England)
Rose, M.J. - The Book of Lost Fragrances (modern-day NY and Paris; timeslip)
Rothman, Claire Holden - The Heart Specialist (late 19th-c Quebec)
Russell, Krista - Chasing the Nightbird (1851 Massachusetts - middle-grade)

Sampson, Fay - The Land of Angels (6th-c England)
Sandemo, Margit - Spellbound: The Legend of the Ice People (16th-c Norway)
Santiago, Esmeralda - Conquistadora (19th-c Puerto Rico)
Schröder, Monika - My Brother's Shadow (post-WWI Germany)
Schryer, J.H. - Goodnight Vienna (1938 Vienna)
Schoenewaldt, Pamela - When We Were Strangers (19th-c Italy and America)
Scott, Susan Holloway - The French Mistress (Restoration England)
Sharp, Adrienne - The True Memoirs of Little K (Tsarist Russia)
Sheene, Lynn - The Last Time I Saw Paris (WWII Paris)
Simoni, Lina - The House of Serenades (1910 Genoa, Italy)
Slouka, Mark - The Visible World (WWII Czechoslovakia)
Solomons, Natasha - The House at Tyneford (WWII England)
Sotto, Samantha - Before Ever After (Europe, going back through time)
Spalding, Linda - The Purchase (post-Revolutionary Virginia)
Speed, John - The Temple Dancer (1657 Goa and Bijapur, India)
Stangerup, Helle - In the Courts of Power (16th-c Denmark and France)
Storrs, Elisabeth - The Wedding Shroud (ancient Etruria) and its sequel The Golden Dice
Sundell, Thomas - A Bloodline of Kings (ancient Greece)
Swift, Deborah - The Lady's Slipper and The Gilded Lily (Restoration England)
Szado, Ania - Studio Saint-Ex (1940s NYC)

Tannahill, Reay - Having the Builders In (14th-c England)
Tennant, Emma - The Harp Lesson (18th-c France and Ireland)
Thomas, Joan - Curiosity (19th-c Lyme Regis, England)
Thomas, Rosie - The Kashmir Shawl (1940s and modern India)
Thomas, Sam - The Midwife's Tale (English Civil War)
Titchmarsh, Alan - The Haunting (1816 and modern Hampshire, England)
Todd, Charles - A Lonely Death (1920 England)
Tomlinson, Theresa - A Swarming of Bees (7th-c England)
Tremain, Rose - Merivel: A Man of His Time (17th-c England)
Tremain, Rose - Music and Silence (1620s-30s Denmark)
Trevaskis, Eve - The Lord of Misrule (1300s England)
Trigiani, Adriana - The Shoemaker's Wife (early 20th-c Italy and America)
Trotter, Janet MacLeod - Return to Jarrow (1923 North-East England)
Troy, Peter - May the Road Rise Up to Meet You (antebellum and Civil War US)

Vidal, Elena Maria - The Night's Dark Shade (1227 southern France)

Wade, Christine - Seven Locks (colonial and Revolutionary-era New York)
Wait, Lea - Shadows of a Down East Summer (1890s and present-day Maine)
Wallace, Carol - Leaving Van Gogh (1890 France)
Wascom, Kent - The Blood of Heaven (early 19th-c American South)
Webb, Katherine - A Half Forgotten Song (1930s & modern Dorset)
Williams, Beatriz - Overseas (WWI France, modern New York, timeslip)
Willig, Lauren - The Ashford Affair (WWI England, 1920s Kenya, modern NYC)
Wilcox, Victoria - Inheritance: Southern Son (Civil War and Reconstruction-era Georgia)
Willocks, Tim - The Religion (1565 Malta)
Winspear, Jacqueline - A Lesson in Secrets (1930s Oxford and London)
Wishnia, Kenneth - The Fifth Servant (16th-c Prague)
Wood, Barbara - The Divining (1st century Roman Empire)
Wood, Barbara - Woman of a Thousand Secrets (14th-c Guatemala, Mexico)

Yampolsky, J. Louis - A Boardwalk Story (1939 Atlantic City)
Yang, Dori Jones - Daughter of Xanadu (13th-c Mongol Empire)

Zafón, Carlos Ruiz - The Prisoner of Heaven (1940s-50s Barcelona)