Thursday, April 13, 2006

Galleys to Grab at BEA, Part Two

I seem to have had a flurry of visitors over the past couple days. I'm keeping track of signings partly for my own reference, but is anyone else interested in this sort of thing? I'm aware that I need to update the list of forthcoming books on the HNS website sometime soon, because fall catalogs are starting to arrive. Maybe this weekend.

Following is a list of authors signing their upcoming/newly published historical novels at their publishers' booths at BEA. The master link to the schedule is here.

Maggie Anton, Rashi's Daughters (Banot Press) - I have this one, and it's getting rave reviews everywhere - about Jewish women in medieval France.
Thomas Mullen, The Last Town on Earth (Sep 06) - Random House. "A small mill town votes to quarantine itself during the 1918 flu epidemic." Sounds like a 20th century version of Year of Wonders.
Rick Spier, O'Sullivan's Odyssey (Apr 06) - not sure of the publisher. About the Irish potato famine and the US Civil War.
Leslie Epstein, The Eighth Wonder of the World (Oct 06) - Other Press. "Strikingly reimagines Fascist Italy."
Paul Malmont, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril (Jun 06) - Simon & Schuster. Novel of the late 1930s, set in the world of pulp fiction writers.

And I forgot one from the previous list:

Gioconda Belli, The Scroll of Seduction (no date given) - HarperCollins. "Story of the Spanish queen Juana the Mad, and a modern-day scholar obsessed with her legacy." Here's a press release of this novel from its Spanish edition, of which I can read approximately every third word.

I'm glad that we just bought another set of folding bookshelves.


  1. Thanks for all the details, Sarah - I'll just have to note books and save them to buy for AFTER the move *g*.

    LOL re the folding bookshelves. I know Wallis Simpson said one can never be too rich or too thin. I say one can never have too many books or too many bookshelves, well, except when one has to move them across the country!!

  2. I wouldn't mind being quite a bit richer and a little bit thinner, but since neither's likely to happen, I'll just keep collecting books :)