Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Book buzz: Rosalind Laker

This from last Thursday's Publishers Marketplace:

Rosalind Laker's three historical novels, to Allison McCabe at Three Rivers Press, by Juliet Burton (NA).
Three Rivers is a trade paperback imprint of Crown. If they're re-releases, I wonder which three were chosen, because Laker's published several dozen historicals over the years. If they're new, I want to hear more. Her latest novels have been with Severn House, who publishes mostly hardcovers for the library market (like this one), and I bet many of her fans don't know that she's still writing (if she still is, and these aren't reprints). Laker's last novel was published October 2005, and were it not for this blurb, which prompted me to look in Amazon, I would have had no idea it was available.

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  1. Ooooooh - I'd no idea RL was still writing. Must not look till AFTER the move *g*.