Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Galleys to Grab at BEA

Every year I try to get to BookExpo America (except when it's in LA; I just have no desire to go there, really) to see the latest that the publishing industry has to offer. And every year, just before the show, Publishers Weekly has a lengthy preview article that lists, among other things, "galleys to grab." So the title of my post isn't just me being greedy, rude, or facetious. Although sometimes the rush to grab copies of extremely popular or well-publicized upcoming books can resemble a feeding frenzy...

Fortunately, some of the galley-grabbing is done in a more civilized manner - by having attendees wait in line. BEA posted their autographing schedule this week. This is the part of the program in which authors get the chance to buzz their current or upcoming books by signing copies and giving them away to attendees. (Everything is free, though for these special autographing sessions, BEA asks for a $1 donation that goes to a literary charity.) Here are some historical titles that I plan to pick up copies of at the show.

On the traditional autographing schedule:

Helen Rosburg, The Dream Thief (Dec 05) - Medallion Press. A paranormal historical thriller, from what I've read.
Hope Tarr, Vanquished (Jul 06) - also Medallion. The schedule doesn't give a description, but here's a summary. Quite the provocative cover.
Tom Franklin, Smonk (Aug 06) - Morrow. "A Quentin Tarantino-esque novel set in 1900s Alabama." Curious title.
Victoria Lustbader, Hidden (Jun 06) - Tor/Forge. Described as "an epic family saga of power and passion!" Why the exclamation point, I don't know. It would have been more helpful if they described it more like this, unless they're trying to promote it like a Dynasty of the 1920s.
Eleanor Herman, Sex with the Queen (Jun 06) - Morrow. Nonfiction title about royal sex scandals and habits. This was the most popular title on the latest HNR review book availability list.
Karleen Koen, Dark Angels (Sep 06) - Crown. Prequel to Through a Glass Darkly; a sweeping epic set in Restoration England.
Deanna Raybourn, Silent in the Grave (Jan 07) - Harlequin. "A wholly original mystery set in Victorian England."
David L. Robbins, The Assassins' Gallery (Aug 06) - Bantam. "Tale of suspense during WWII."
Jed Rubenfeld, The Interpretation of Murder (Sep 06) - Henry Holt. "Historical debut thriller featuring two murdered heiresses, Freud, and NYC in 1909."
Kathleen McGowan, The Expected One (Aug 06) - Touchstone. "Heroine searches for gospel written by her ancestor, Mary Magdalene."
Sena Jeter Naslund, Abundance (Oct 06) - Morrow. Novel of Marie Antoinette.
Laura Malone Elliott, Give Me Liberty (Sep 06) - HarperCollins. "Gripping historical about a young indentured servant in colonial Virginia."
Laura Esquivel, Malinche (May 06) - Atria. Cortes and Malinalli in 16th century Mexico.
Judith Geary, Getorix: The Eagle and the Bull (June 06) - Claystone. Judy had some very early galleys available of this at the HNS conference last April. Celtic adventure in ancient Rome.

Autographing at publishers' booths is listed separately, but this is plenty of typing for now.

p.s. As for LA - expensive and long flights from middle-of-nowhere central Illinois, plus I generally avoid flying anywhere south of here past May. But have a conference there in mid-winter, and I'll consider it.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Ouch. My shoulder hurts already. ;-)

  2. I feel your pain. It's a tough job carting books around, but sometimes it just has to be done.

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I wish someone would grab me a galley of Silent in the Grave. I have heard wonderful things about it.

  4. There have been quite a few people looking for information about Raybourn's novel, judging by referral stats for this blog. But apart from what's at BEA's site, all I've been able to find is this blurb from Karen Fox's website, which was taken off Publishers Marketplace. If you know anything else, please tell!

    Maybe I should be prepared to wait in a long line at the signing.

  5. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I've heard wonderful things about Silent in the Grave as well, and am definitely looking forward to reading it!

  6. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I am Anonymous up there.

    I've heard that it is a pretty decent debut novel. It apparently is a historical mystery with a bit of a twist in it that makes it a little different from others in the genre. I'm not sure what the twist is--that's all I could get out of the person telling me about it. However, the fact that Raybourn is contracted to write two more books makes me think that it must be a pretty good novel.

    Have fun at the BEA! Be sure to come back and give us some reviews!

  7. Thanks for the info! I've read a number of Victorian mysteries and this one definitely has me curious. I'll do my best to post a review here this summer.

  8. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Hi, all. Excellent website. I was surfing and here we are. Just wanted to invite you to come by the BEA signing this year in D.C. for a copy of The Assassins Gallery, Friday at the Bantam booth and Saturday at the BEA signing. Thanks for the support. I'll look for a (good?) review here sometime this summer.

  9. Thanks for stopping by the site. A review will definitely be appearing later on, either here or in the Historical Novels Review. I'll look forward to meeting you at BEA.

  10. Anonymous6:22 PM

    So I see my new book Sex with the Queen is popular with HNR reviewers! What is an HNR reviewer? Will you come visit me at my signing at BEA on Friday between noon and 12:30 and tell me? I will be dressed like the queen! Eleanor

  11. Hi Eleanor - thanks for visiting the blog! HNR is the Historical Novels Review, a magazine that I edit - we cover some nonfiction titles as well. I just found your website. Great costume! I'll look forward to meeting you at your signing. Sarah