Monday, August 20, 2007

Unique ways to find this blog

Just like Susan did not long ago, I thought I'd post some of the more creative search terms people have used to find this blog in the past week or so. (The overwhelming majority of searches are on authors' or agents' names.)

I was going to comment on each of these, but on second thought, I'll just list them.

Piers Gaveston portrait

wife birthday things to do

marie antoinette from a marxist view

when did castle building stop and why

tim johnson illinois womanizer

book tour for samurai

historical novels not bloody

past tense of the word eat

nobody got sacked for buying IBM

In other news...

- I saw Becoming Jane last Friday while on a family vacation back in Connecticut. As expected, beautiful costumes and scenery, but the movie's first half was quite slow, and while the rest was entertaining, I can't say I believed it for a minute.
- The state of Illinois is on its 20th day without a budget. I supposedly will get paid in August, but after that, nobody knows.
- On the plane back, I finished reading a novel that was written in 1779, which means, just maybe, that one of my 2007 reading resolutions is fulfilled. Now I have to go and write the review, fulfilling yet another of them.


  1. Shame on that Tim guy! Wonder if it was his wife who was Googling.

  2. I kinda liked the "not bloody" one. That's usually my type of historical novel.

  3. wife birthday things to do

    I hope he didn't get the idea to chop her head off, what with all those headless women covers.

  4. I get an awful lot of hits from that combination of terms. I guess a lot of husbands have no clue how to celebrate their wives' birthdays. If they find my blog, they'll get the idea to dress up as a librarian and march in the local homecoming parade (my post from last October 21st). I wonder if anyone else has actually done so. Could be entertaining.

  5. It is sweet, all of these guys trying to celebrate their wives' birthdays. And the parade would certainly be memorable--although Gabriele's idea would be even more so. Or maybe he could bring her a head as a present, as in Sharon Penman's Falls the Shadow.

  6. It's an idea. There are plenty of unused heads out there.

  7. Anonymous1:05 AM

    It's fascinating what search terms lead to websites! Re; "Becoming Jane", I had very mixed feelings about the movie. Good acting and I'll probably buy the dvd for the great period atmosphere. But to me, the character Jane seemed way too self-absorbed to have written Jane Austen's novels. I found myself liking her reected suitor Mr. Wisley more than any other characrter (speaking of which, someone found my website searching on Mr. Wisley's name :-).

  8. You're right, I didn't think Mr. Wisley was all that bad. So he's shy, thoughtful, good looking, and rich - and isn't that more like a typical Austenian hero than Mr. Lefroy was?

  9. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I agree Mr. Wisley is much more Austen hero matieral than Lefroy. Amanda Elyot had a great blog post on the History Hoyden's site about how Lefroy was much more the model for Willoughby or Wickham.

  10. Thanks, I'll go check it out!