Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two book piles

A couple photos, below, of recent acquisitions at the Johnson library. These books arrived courtesy of Amazon, Book Depository, Booklist, eBay, Lulu, Paperbackswap, and various publishers.

The size of my library is seriously out of control, but sometimes books just show up on the doorstep, looking for a home, and who am I to turn them down?

Things are progressing nicely with "historical thrillers," and I'm expecting that it'll be a longer chapter than in the previous edition, just like with mysteries. So many new titles have appeared in the last four years. Fortunately, other chapters should be considerably shorter than the originals. I don't expect or want another 800-page book, and I don't think my publisher does, either.

I've heard rumors that copies of HNR's 10th anniversary issue have made their way across the Atlantic to some UK subscribers. If you're one of them, please let me know what you think. US residents can expect theirs within a week or two. Because of the vagaries of the US Postal Service, airmail (or, as they say now, First Class International) takes considerably less time than Periodicals Rate.


  1. You can't turn those poor books away. They'd haunt you for the rest of your life.

    Carla ought to like Pile 2!

    Mail-wise, it never ceases to amaze me that I can get mail faster from, say, Australia, then from two or three states away.

  2. Hey, well spotted, Susan! You have eagle eyes :-) It seems a little strange seeing my book 'in the flesh', in company with others.

  3. I can build an entire porticus with my TBR piles by now. And some authors are just evil. I got started on Jack Whyte - don't know why I haven't discovered him earlier - only to find out there are nine books in that series by now and he has started a second one.

    But I wish someone would drop a forlorn Paths of the Exile on my doorstep, it's such a hassle to order from Lulu in Germany, and I hate reading books on the screen. ;)

  4. Heh, my TBR pile isn't really a pile, it's more of a shelf. Or, several shelves. It makes choosing a book to read a harder decision than it really should be.

    The next Templar book in Whyte's 2nd series (those darned Templars again) is out in December here, but in the UK they're a year behind.

  5. You know you can always send those lost books my way! LOL
    I promise to give them a good home, give them cuddles, take them out on holidays, etc, etc. :o)

  6. The books do love personal attention. They certainly get plenty from my cats!