Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deaccessioning titles

That's the fancy term for "weeding." Because my collection surpassed 9,000 books last month, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and get rid of books I know I'll never read. Unfortunately, after going through my shelves, I only came up with a few dozen worth eliminating. Most are ones I got for free from some publisher or other, so at least I won't feel too guilty about it.

The weeded titles fall into one of three categories: histories about places/periods I'm not really interested in, fantasy or science fiction that's either too science-y or part of a lengthy series I've given up on, and contemporary fiction/memoir. Plus some out of date reference books.

I've deleted them all from Librarything and Readerware, and a few people on Paperbackswap will be getting items from their wish lists soon. The library will also be getting three large bags of donations. I wish I could say the deaccessioning opened up space on my shelves, but all it did was let me move some books off the floor.

Finally, thanks to Rachel, I now realize why so many people have been googling "sarah johnson data entry" and reaching this blog. I know my name's not exactly unusual, but I hadn't realized it also belonged to a spammer running a make-money-fast scheme. (Though I'm guessing in this case, it's not associated with a real-life person.)

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  1. I've been trying to reduce my book piles as well - although I don't have as many as you. Each time I manage to weed some out there's still not enough space and my books are still double shelved and in piles on the floor. The answer is to get more bookcases - the downside is there is no more room in the house.