Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just for fun... recent search terms

Most people who find my blog through Google searches are looking for lists of historical novels, historical fiction blogs, or information on specific authors, novels, or agents. But every once in a while, people find me via unique search combinations. Like these.

blogger mysterious lady

Yeah, that's me all right.

nefertiti birthmark picture


you'll never amount to anything

I'll try not to take that personally...

sarah johnson author romance novels

Alas, my secret is out!

book my show please

Right away, ma'am.

a history of the civil war that nobody is going to like

You must be my high school U.S. history teacher.

romance novel stranded on an island pregnant divorce

Though I don't recognize that romance novel, I feel very sorry for the heroine.

what is the past tense of read

Historical novels, reviews, grammar help, you've come to the right place.

IMPORTANT and historical events while alan pinkerton was alive

Because when you put something in all caps, Google knows you mean business.


  1. I *really* like the "blogger mysterious lady". It gives you all sorts of layers I hadn't thought of before. :)