Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it hot or not?

Booklist focuses on historical fiction in its April 15th issue each year, and things are no different for 2009. Jump on over to the Booklist Online Newsletter for the latest updates. Keir Graff's editorial poses a question on whether historical fiction's still hot, and there are links to several related feature articles from the magazine. Likely Stories, the main Booklist Online blog, has been posting responses to the "hot or not" topic over the past few days, including one from yours truly. Scroll down through the blog posts as far as April 10th to read them all.


  1. I swear I am seeing more and more HF novels out there, and they are covering a wider time frame. Granted we still have the countless Tudor novels but it seems now that things are branching out. I'm all for it.

    And I agree that librarians need to educate themselves. My local library has a very poor collection of HF novels. They are getting better...sorta.

  2. Thanks for the link, Sarah! I found your comments interesting, especially the fact that "historical fiction" is now a marketing label for publishers. I agree with many of the commenters' observations that hf seems to enjoy much prominence currently in bookstores. I'm amazed at the number of hf titles that are released each month.