Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My living room, post-conference

I'm back in the land of corn, soybeans, and bugs, and mostly unpacked, although my mind is still back east, in NYC and Albany. The photo above partly explains why. It shows a portion of the books and galleys I found waiting for me when I returned home. Some are ones I shipped from BEA, while others arrived while I was gone. Most will be going out for review for HNR's November issue, though others will wait for February's, if they're 2008 publications. I've got an equal number of books that I picked up for myself, and a similar number for the library, though those are still on shelves in my office.

I dread the trip to the post office, and I don't think I have enough jiffy bags, either.

Because I'm nosy and a fan of Google Alerts, I found these reports of people's HNS conference experiences online today:

One member of the latter group posted a copy of the handout from my own presentation (attached to post #8), which I think is pretty cool. However, as a slight correction, none of us are agents - we're all librarians - and we didn't run out of time before the end. But this and the other handouts she posted are decent writeups, and I'm glad to see them, as there were so many sessions I didn't get to see myself.

I guess there are a couple other things I brought back from Albany, namely a sore throat and bad cold. Not sure who to blame for this, though.


  1. OOh, I'm jealous! (Of the books, not of the sore throat.)

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM


    I attended the conference and never got a chance to thank you in person for helping to organize such a wonderful event! Every time I saw you, you were either engaged in conversation, surrounded by a crowd of people waiting to speak with you, or marching hurriedly from one place to another. I figured the last thing you needed was another person standing in line or interrupting you.

    Anyway, thank you for all your hard work. The conference was a great success. I'm so happy I was able to attend, all the way from CA. You and the board did a wonderful job.

    Looking forward to 2009...


  3. Man, I see me now, tomorrow I will be looking up all those books on amazon. lol. Any that look extra-promising? :)

  4. Sarah -

    Just wanted to chime in and thank you, and all the committee members, for a fantastic conference! It was my first HNS conference, though not my first writing conference, and I was very impressed. The programming, the networking opportunities, and the agent/editor meetings were all top notch. Thanks again!

    Julie K. Rose

  5. Julianne, sorry I missed you! That's the thing about conferences... there's two days to meet up with everyone, and then I have to wait two more years until the next one. Glad to hear you had such a good time!

    Kailana, this is based on my personal reading preferences only, and publishers' blurbs... but I have my eye on Sophie Gee's The Scandal of the Season, Frank Delaney's Tipperary, Mary Ellen Dennis's The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter, Erika Mailman's Witch's Trinity, plus the new Deanna Raybourn and Andrea Barrett. Most should be on Amazon now. Happy browsing :)

    Hi Julie, you're very welcome, and I enjoyed reading your writeup. That comment you got was a little strange... maybe the person didn't know what magical realism was? I mean - Marquez, Allende, Urrea? Nothing to sneeze at.

  6. Me again. I was just looking for two authors for two of the books:
    The Luxe and The Pirate's Daughter.

    Oh, and the title of the red book in the last pile, four books down. Under Harriet Beecher's stowe's lovers. I looked everything else up. :)

  7. I'm nosy too, and so I found your link to my conference report! :-)

    I didn't get to meet you either, but I'd also like to thank you and the committee for doing a wonderful job!

  8. Oops, I missed seeing these comments - normally I get notified through email, but that didn't happen this time.

    The author of The Luxe is Anna Godbersen, and for The Pirate's Daughter, it's Margaret Cezair-Thompson. The mysterious red book under Harriet is Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell.

    Thanks, Cindy!