Saturday, June 30, 2007

Me but not me

I found it amusing but a little strange to discover via the HNS Online Newsletter that there's a new historical novel, Owen Sheers' Resistance, whose protagonist has the same name as me. (Or that I had. Lewis is my maiden name.)

Maybe I should read it to learn what I was doing in Wales back in 1944? At least it got a good review...


  1. Hehe, one of my best friends is called Sarah Lewis! (Or again, she was, before she got married.) I must send her that link to the book.

  2. Tell her hi from one of her twins :)

    I have a 5th or 6th generation ancestor with the same name. (I'm my own grandma.)

  3. Wales is good. Whatever you were doing there, I'm sure you had a wonderful time.