Thursday, May 03, 2007

More galleys to grab, and HNS updates

I probably won't be around here much until my whirlwind conference tour of New England is over in mid-June, but here are some quick updates.

Publishers Weekly just posted its BEA issue with their "galleys to grab" picks. All the ones I'm interested in are ones I mentioned earlier, so I'll let that list stand. In addition, I'll be at the show looking for galleys of many novels on HNS's forthcoming books list, which I spent four hours updating last night with titles through December '07. Not all publishers have their fall catalogs out, so there'll be some updates down the road.

I posted the editors' choice reviews from HNR's May issue last weekend, if you want to take a look and see what novels our reviewers enjoyed the most. I admit I don't understand the cover design for Harding's The Solitude of Thomas Cave, UK edition, and having read it, I agree wholeheartedly with Mary Sharratt that the UK cover design for Michael Wallner's April in Paris is inappropriate. It's a historical thriller, not a frilly romantic wartime saga. Oh well. It is a good book, though.


  1. Completely agree about book covers: apparently UK publishers have finally twigged that the designs they THINK readers will like are not neccessarily those readers DO like. Or want to pick up. Fashion is often the culprit.
    Have fun on your trip. Lucy
    PS My novel is out!

  2. 'Blogging is a fast medium, grammar and spelling are less important than the message'. It ain't necessarily so: tell that to the woman who types faster than she spells! Lucy