Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Historical Novel Society's brand new site

One of the projects I've been helping out with for the last six months and more has finally been unveiled.  The Historical Novel Society's new, improved website went online Saturday morning.

Under the guidance of founder/publisher Richard Lee, a small group of us have been working out the organization with our web designer, moving much of the existing content over, and inputting and categorizing a large number of reviews from the print Historical Novels Review magazine.

At present, over 2400 reviews are online.  You can search or browse them by various criteria - author, title, subgenre, historical period, century, publisher, reviewer name, and more.  The newest material went online first, and we plan include the rest as well - since 1997, the HNS has published over 12,000 reviews of historical novels and selected historical nonfiction.  It's a big project!

Many of the feature articles and profiles from back issues of HNR and Solander are also online, in addition to original content commissioned for the website.  The HNS's list of forthcoming historical novels is online too.  Coming soon is a special members-only section, with additional content, discount codes, and a place for members to post their website URLs, blog details, and more. 

Pop on over, browse through the reviews and other content - comments welcome.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Wow! I love it! I'm so glad the book covers were added, they really bring it to life.

  2. A hearty "well done" to all responsible. What a marvellous resource.

  3. Sarah, I love the new web-site, it's so user friendly!

  4. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I happened to see this yesterday (was looking for the dates of the London conference to see if I can even think of going). It's great!

    Sarah Other Librarian

  5. You know, this is wild because I am going to be in London during the Conference! But I think the reason for me being there will keep me from attending. :(

    I'd been keeping this conference in mind, sort of in the corner of my eye, since first learning about it, with the idea that I just might be there. And now it looks like the obligations will eat all my time that isn't eaten by jet-lag!

    Thanks for the news about the site move.

    Love, C.

  6. Great stuff- thanks to all who worked on it :) Pleased to see the Forthcoming Novels is still there- one of my favourite resources!

  7. I'll pass your comments on to the rest of the people who worked on the website - thanks!

    C, if you wanted you could attend just part of the conference, depending on what your schedule turned out to be. Hope something might work out.

    Annis, glad to hear you like the forthcoming books page! It almost didn't make it (it's a large time commitment) but I ended up re-creating it on the new site just yesterday. Managed to get some new material in there today, too.