Friday, April 27, 2012

Top authors list - revised version

Top 21 Favorite Authors, Corrected Version
(Mary Tod's Historical Novel Survey)
Yesterday, after reading through my post about her survey data, Mary Tod noted (thanks to comments left by Stephanie Cowell) that Tracy Chevalier hadn't been included as a favorite author... so decided to double check her methodology.  

Mary and her Excel-savvy husband have spent a good part of the past 24 hours doing a complete recount of survey respondents' favorite authors - all 2366 names! - so I wanted to report the results.

The corrected version of the Top 20 Favorite Authors list is at left... only now, thanks to Chevalier's presence, it's a Top 21 list.  Three authors are tied at 18 mentions. 

In addition, Susan Higginbotham has moved up to join the top 21, and Patrick O'Brian is just off the this list at #22 (with 17 mentions).  A few author counts have changed slightly, so there has been some minor shifting of positions.  The general analyses based on the data haven't changed.

See Mary's blog, A Writer of History, for the complete, revised Top 40.  Sarah Dunant, Edward Rutherfurd, and Lisa See have been restored to their proper place on the extended list as well.

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  1. A colleague studies Angolan historical fiction: "She is writing her dissertation on Cuban and Angolan historical novels published during and after Cuba's military involvement in Angola, focusing on how post-revolutionary authors construct a "poetics of disappointment."

    You can see a sample in English here:

    There is a great deal of literary activity going on in Africa, as well as more generic novels -- though, those too, reflect in structure and style their homelands more than they do, say, a Cornwell novel.

    Love, C.