Monday, November 07, 2016

Forthcoming historical novels for 2017 on the HNS website

Just a short post for now.

For many years, I've been compiling listings of forthcoming books for the Historical Novel Society website.

I finally got a good start on the guide to forthcoming historical novels for 2017, so if you're curious to see what will be appearing in print through next August, click on over to the HNS site for details.  It's a work in progress, with more titles (including those from the UK) to be added later on.

Lots of good reading is on the way in the next year!


  1. All those new books - how do you keep up! Saw some interesting titles.

    1. I've been going through 2017 catalogs one by one - it's always interesting to see what's coming out!

  2. This a quite the list! a lot of those I think I will enjoy as well. I am into history of the west at the moment. I got a copy of will Hutchison's book Artifacts of the Battle of Little Bighorn since I visited there this summer and it's so beautiful! To see the items that were used in that time in history is amazing.