Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My 8th anniversary small press giveaway

Eight years ago today, this blog first came into being.  It started out as a rather chatty site, with random personal observations about historical fiction, notices of publishing deals, a few book reviews here and there, and the occasional cat photo.

Since then, I've been concentrating even more on reviews, as well as guest posts and upcoming title previews, but the overall focus hasn't changed.  It's still All Historical Fiction, All the Time.  Thanks to all of my readers for hanging around this corner of the online historical fiction universe!

Since I'm celebrating my 8th anniversary in the middle of Small Press Month, I thought I'd offer a giveaway similar to last year.  Up for grabs is your choice of any novel mentioned in a post here during March 2014.

The month isn't yet over, so no need to name your prize now... I'll draw the winner(s) a week from now and ask them for the name of the book they'd like to win.  I'll give away one book for every 50 entries received.  (One entry per person, please.)

Fill out the form below for a chance to win. Deadline March 31, 2014; open internationally.  If you have any thoughts for future features on the blog, too, I'd love to hear them.

Good luck!


  1. Maybe an article sometime about which small presses you recommend for what? There are so many (and you know so much!:)

    1. Thanks - a good idea! Do you mean info on which specific types of books they publish?

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Congrats on your 8th anniversary, Sarah!