Monday, April 01, 2013

Small Press Month - wrap-up and contest winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for a small press historical novel.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your comments (and blogiversary wishes!) and learning what aspects of the blog you liked the most, too. There were a few things that several of you mentioned that I thought I'd summarize here:

- You've asked your library to buy books mentioned here, and they were willing to do so.  This is very cool all around.

- I got a lot of general feedback on authors' guest post contributions and the variety they offer.  Jodi Daynard's piece in particular was mentioned by many readers as a standout essay.

- The galleries with book previews are what I should do more of, it seems.  My site stats bear this out too.  I'm glad to hear that because I have a very large preview post forthcoming tomorrow. 

- The demise of Google Reader was mentioned by a few readers.  I'm depressed about it too; I've been using it for years to track blogs.  I've been playing around with alternatives (Feedly, Netvibes, etc.) and have found Bloglovin to be the most convenient for my needs.  I especially like that I get an email every evening with links to the day's new posts.  There's an easy way to migrate your posts from Google Reader over to Bloglovin, and once you're signed in, you can follow Reading the Past here.

- I was also happy to see the small press focus went over well and drew people's attention to novels they might otherwise have missed, as one reader said.  I'd set myself a goal to post every other day or so to keep the momentum going.  I'd especially like to acknowledge the authors who supplied guest essays providing their perspectives on the genre, and the publishers who sent review copies - thanks!

I'd actually had plans to review even more small press novels (I had a pile of them set aside in my living room) but as usual, I got caught up in things like work and other writing assignments.  I'll still be reviewing small press titles, of course, just mixed in with other reviews I've been saving up.  Will I do this next March too?  It's something I've been debating, but I have almost a year to think about it.

And now for the giveaway winners:

Tim G.

Congratulations!  I'll be in touch via email to get your addresses - and please browse through the last month's posts and let me know which book you'd like as your prize.

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