Saturday, December 04, 2010

In which I decide to challenge myself

Before I get into the main topic of today's post, I need to choose the winner of Anna Elliott's Dark Moon of Avalon. has selected commenter #1, which is Linda.  Congratulations, Linda, and I hope you'll enjoy the book!  I'll be in touch to obtain your address.

Around two years ago, I started seeing mention of reading challenges on book blogs.  It took me a while to catch on to what they were, as well as what their appeal was.  They hadn't really penetrated to the historical fiction corner of the blogosphere until recently, it seemed.  Later, I finally understood - they're about setting reading goals for yourself while participating in an online community of readers with similar goals and interests.

During 2010, I've been participating in Historical Tapestry's Alphabet in Historical Fiction challenge and having a great time, both picking out the books that fit the letter of the fortnight as well as seeing what all the other participants had chosen.  I'm eagerly anticipating seeing what the possibilities are for the letter X!  (I have a good one...)

For 2011, I've chosen two new challenges that look both interesting and doable - plus they cover topics with which I'd like to become more familiar.

Audra from Unabridged Chick is hosting the Nautical Fiction Reading Challenge.  The criteria: "If the book involves a boat, or sailing, or sailors, or Navy life -- it counts!"  I'm aiming for Dinghy level, which is up to 5 books, though if I find my sea legs easily, I may make it up to Sloop or higher.

The YA Historical Fiction Challenge is hosted by Sabrina at YA Bliss, a blog that's new to me.  Young adult historicals have been growing in popularity over the last few years; I haven't reviewed any here before, though that's not for lack of interest.  Participating in the challenge should help me focus on my ever-growing TBR of YA historicals and help me get to know the genre a little better.  The library where I work has a sizable collection, too, so I shouldn't lack for choices.  I'm aiming for Level 1, five books.

I've got a large shelf of review books to cover for Jan and Feb already,  but these two challenges should be both manageable and fun.  I look forward to meeting my fellow participants!


  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing what your X book is.

    Good luck with the challenges.

  2. Oh,good. I'm doing the YA challenge too--I'll be posting about it next week. See you around the books!

  3. Thank you for joining! Good luck ;)

  4. The YA historical fiction challenge looks fun! If your interested I've start the Georgette Heyer 2011 Reading Challenge. Feel free to come check it out :)

  5. Cat - I checked out your post. Choosing one based on Exeter was very creative; I wouldn't have thought of that!

    Becky - I'll look forward to seeing what you post about. You probably know the field a lot better than I do!

    Sab - thanks for hosting the challenge. It should be a good one.

    Taylor - good luck with your Heyer challenge. I'm going to see how things go with these two before taking on anything else, but I do have a number of Heyers in my TBR. Cute graphic!

  6. You have inspired me to do the YA Historical Fiction Challenge. It should be fun.

    I am very curious to see what you chose to read -

    Good Luck!

  7. I'm so pleased you're going to do the Nautical Fiction challenge! Can't wait to see your picks!

  8. I normally will not do challenges because I do not have access to the latest books in Sri Lanka. Old classics, vintage books yes but not the new ones.

    This year however I am doing the South Asian challenge which is one field in which I will find books! I am looking forward to this my first challenge!

  9. Alex and Audra - I'll be interested to see what you end up choosing for those challenges. I don't have anything picked out for YA yet, but I'm starting to line up the nautical-themed novels already.

    Mystica - I'm very new to challenges and hadn't come across the South Asian one before. I expect I'll get some good ideas from the ones you post about!