Thursday, March 18, 2010

Index to Book Reviews and Author Interviews

Now that the blog has reached the venerable age of four, I've put together a comprehensive index of all the book reviews and interviews I've posted. There aren't as many reviews as I'd thought - not quite 70 - but the majority are recent (Historical Tapestry's A-Z challenge has been a big encouragement). I expect this to increase now that my "what we're reading" column for NoveList is on temporary hiatus. My large collection of unread books awaits!

This post is linked from the blog's sidebar for future reference; it will be updated as new reviews and interviews are posted.

Author Interviews, 2006-present:

Blevins, Christine
Blixt, David [part 1 | part 2]
Dunant, Sarah
Edghill, India (external site)
Gortner, C.W.
Hays, Tony
Holland, Cecelia [from 2002 | from 2010]
Kay, Guy Gavriel
Kirkpatrick, Jane [part 1 | part 2]
O'Brien, Patricia
Proud, Linda [part 1 | part 2]
Raybourn, Deanna
Romano-Lax, Andromeda
Scott, Susan Holloway
Sharratt, Mary
Weisgarber, Ann

Book Reviews, 2006-Present

Agee, Jonis - The River Wife (1811 and 1930s New Madrid, Missouri)
Anand, Valerie - The House of Lanyon (15th c West Country, England)
Avery, Ellis - The Teahouse Fire (late 19th-c Japan)
Bell, Anne - Daughter of the Dragon (11th-c Wales)
Bennett, Vanora - Portrait of an Unknown Woman (Tudor England)
Blake, Sarah - Grange House (late 19th-c Maine)
Blixt, David - The Master of Verona (1314 Verona, Italy)
Borodale, Jane - The Book of Fires (1752 Sussex, England)
Brallier, Kate - The Boundless Deep (time-slip, present-day and 1820s Nantucket)
Brown, Molly - Invitation to a Funeral (Restoration England)
Bundrick, Sheramy - Sunflowers (1883 Arles, France)
Cameron, Michelle - The Fruit of Her Hands (13th-c France and Germany)
Carhart, Thad - Across the Endless River (19th-c Missouri and Europe)
Carr, Philippa - The Miracle at St. Bruno's (1530s-40s England)
Challis, Joanna - Murder on the Cliffs (1928 Cornwall)
Clark, Clare - Savage Lands (18th-c colonial Louisiana)
Clark, Jean - Untie the Winds (17th-c New Haven, Connecticut)
Condé, Maryse - Victoire: My Mother's Mother (19th-20th c Guadeloupe)
Cullen, Lynn - The Creation of Eve (17th-c Spain)
Dean, Anna - A Moment of Silence / Bellfield Hall (1805 England)
Dillon, Eilís - Wild Geese (18th-c France and America)
Ducharme, Diann - The Outer Banks House (post-Civil War North Carolina)
Eccles, Marjorie - The Shape of Sand (early 20th-c England and Egypt)
Elliott, Anna - Twilight of Avalon (6th-c Cornwall)
Erskine, Barbara - Time's Legacy (timeslip, modern and 1st-c Glastonbury, England)
Fairburn, Eleanor - The Golden Hive (11th-c Wales)
Ferrer, Sophie - The Jewess of Kaifeng (17th-c Macao and Kaifeng, China)
Feuchtwanger, Lion - Raquel: The Jewess of Toledo (12th-c Spain)
Follett, Ken - Fall of Giants (early 20th c - external site)
Ford, Michael Thomas - Jane Bites Back (contemporary U.S.)
Gantt, DeVa - Colette Trilogy (A Silent Ocean Away, Decision and Destiny, Forever Waiting, 1830s West Indies)
Gifford, Melanie - The Gallows Girl (18th-c Hampshire, England)
Gower, Iris - Destiny's Child (15th-c England)
Gregory, Philippa - The Wise Woman (1530s County Durham, England)
Grissom, Kathleen - The Kitchen House (18th-19th c Virginia)
Gunning, Sally - The Rebellion of Jane Clarke (1760s Boston and Cape Cod)
Hand, Dana - Deep Creek (1887 Idaho Territory)
Haran, Maeve - The Lady and the Poet (Elizabethan England)
Harwood, John - The Séance (Victorian England)
Hill, Pamela - Countess Isabel (12th-c England); Forget Not Ariadne (18th-c Europe)
Hoover, Michelle - The Quickening (20th-c Midwest)
Horn, Dara. All Other Nights (US Civil War)
Hunter, Frances - The Fairest Portion of the Globe (American frontier, 1793)
Jenkins, Rebecca - The Duke's Agent (1811 County Durham, England)
Jinks, Catherine. The Inquisitor (1318 French Pyrenees); The Notary (14th-c Avignon, France); The Secret Familiar (1321 Narbonne, France)
Kalotay, Daphne - Russian Winter (Soviet Russia & present-day Boston)
Kelly, Carla - Beau Crusoe (Regency England)
Kernaghan, Eileen - The Alchemist's Daughter (1587 England)
Kingman, Peg - Not Yet Drown'd (1822 Scotland and India)
Knight, Brigid - The Cloister and the Citadel (16th-c France, Netherlands)
Lefteri, Christy - A Watermelon, a Fish, and a Bible (1974 Cyprus)
Long, James - Ferney (timeslip, England)
Luke, Mary - The Nonsuch Lure (Tudor England)
Mandanna, Sarita - Tiger Hills (19th-20th c Coorg, India)
Manrique, Jaime - Our Lives Are the Rivers (19th-c Ecuador & Bolivia)
McCrumb, Sharyn - The Devil Amongst the Lawyers (1935 Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia)
McNamara, Frances. Death at Hull House (1893 Chicago)
McNeill, Elisabeth. The Heartbreaker (1740s Europe & Carolinas)
Moore, Joyce - The Tapestry Shop (1260s Northern France)
Morgan, Bernice - Random Passage / Waiting for Time (1800s Newfoundland)
Morgan, Jude - The Taste of Sorrow (1820s-30s Yorkshire)
Myers, Tamar. The Witch Doctor's Wife (1958 Belgian Congo)
Némirovsky, Irène - Fire in the Blood (1930s rural Burgundy)
Norman, Diana - Fitzempress' Law (12th-c England)
Norman, Diana - King of the Last Days (12th-c England)
Novik, Mary - Conceit (Elizabethan and Jacobean London)
Parris, S. J. - Heresy (16th-c Oxford, England)
Peters, Maureen - A Song for Marguerite (13th-c England)
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Grave (Victorian England)
Rayner, Claire - The Performers Series (Victorian London)
Redfern, Margaret - Flint (early 13th-c Wales)
Riley, Judith Merkle - The Serpent Garden (1514 England)
Sampson, Fay - The Land of Angels (6th-c England)
Sandemo, Margit - Spellbound: The Legend of the Ice People (16th-c Norway)
Schryer, J.H. - Goodnight Vienna (1938 Vienna)
Scott, Susan Holloway - The French Mistress (Restoration England)
Slouka, Mark - The Visible World (WWII Czechoslovakia)
Speed, John - The Temple Dancer (1657 Goa and Bijapur, India)
Stangerup, Helle - In the Courts of Power (16th-c Denmark and France)
Sundell, Thomas - A Bloodline of Kings (ancient Greece)
Tannahill, Reay - Having the Builders In (14th-c England)
Tennant, Emma - The Harp Lesson (18th-c France and Ireland)
Trevaskis, Eve - The Lord of Misrule (1300s England)
Trotter, Janet MacLeod - Return to Jarrow (1923 North-East England)
Vidal, Elena Maria - The Night's Dark Shade (1227 southern France)
Willocks, Tim - The Religion (1565 Malta)
Wood, Barbara - Woman of a Thousand Secrets (14th-c Guatemala, Mexico)
Yampolsky, J. Louis - A Boardwalk Story (1939 Atlantic City)


  1. Yipee! Now maybe I can figure out what book it was you reviewed a while back that I really wanted to read but forgot to write down. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  2. You're welcome, and thanks! Let me know if I can help you find anything.

  3. Actually, if you look at the length of those lists, it's pretty stunning! Rest your eyes!