Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About the reusable cover art gallery...

Hi. Just a brief note to all the new visitors (welcome!) who arrived at Reading the Past courtesy of my reusable cover art gallery, which is hosted at another domain. Due to the extraordinary amount of traffic the site's been receiving today (which is affecting server performance), the web hosting provider there has broken the gallery up into several different pages, which still show only a fraction of the covers I had originally posted. We hope to have the complete site, with its full range of images, back up and available shortly for everyone's viewing pleasure. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Update: All fixed and moved over to a new domain. Thanks for your patience, and thanks to the Very Short List for featuring the site today!


  1. I'm so glad this is back up, Sarah!
    I have one more to add to your collection, too. Anyone else notice that the 19th c. Edward Cibot picture of Anne Boleyn at the Tower is also used, much edited, on the cover of "Wolf Hall"?
    Oh, the wonderful uses for my art history degree....*g*

  2. Good catch, Susan! Yes, that's definitely the same Anne, hidden down within the letter A of the title!

  3. I really liked this link (that I found through the Very Short List), and was kind of amazed that I own quite a few of those books- but no two with the same cover image :-)

  4. Heh. I own maybe half of them, and that's how this gallery came to be :) I actually have four of them with "Leila" on the cover (and Unleash Your Inner Siren isn't one of them, in case anyone was wondering...)