Friday, September 14, 2007

Now, to the book piles

This is Max, helping me summarize books for my "literary historical fiction" chapter:

And this is the latest pile of recent acquisitions, waiting to be cataloged in Librarything and Readerware:

I estimate I'm almost half done with my chapter. The month is almost half over, so this is good progress.


  1. Thanks for the tip about Amazon!

    Max looks like quite the helper.

    One of my cats, Stripes, picks up ballpoint pens in her mouth and carries them around like kittens. I tend not to mention this when I have to explain to someone on the phone that I'm having a hard time finding a pen.

  2. Stripes would probably have fun around here. There are always ballpoint pens lying around. My three like to play hockey with them.

    Max does love to help. In fact, he helped me mail a bunch of review books out today. I should apologize in advance if you or any other reviewer receives a package with black fur mixed in with the packing tape.