Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fergie's historical novel

I just saw this bit on Miss Snark's blog about Sarah Ferguson's historical novel deal (as reported in Ladies' Home Journal) and went looking around for confirmation. St. Martin's Press is said to be the big NY publisher who bought the rights to Hart Moor, a novel based on the life of one of her 18th century Irish ancestors, the red-headed Lady Margaret Hart Moor.

Details here and here and here. Apparently this is old news; these articles date from over a year ago. Can't find it on Publishers Marketplace, though.

None of Hart Moor is written yet; it was reportedly sold based on an idea alone. So we'll all have to be patient.


  1. Words pretty much fail me here. Selling on an idea. One's first novel. Must be nice!

  2. Having been married to a bore like Prince Andrew is a high price to pay. :)

    OK, I find him boring, but I don't think Fergie looked for the same things in men as I. So yes, it is nice for her.