Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long-awaited contest winners

At the beginning of April I offered a giveaway for two copies of Natasha Solomons' The House at Tyneford.  The deadline was Sunday night, I drew the winners on Monday, yet I neglected to post the details until now.  My apologies.

After I removed all of the duplicate entries (quite a few!  I think people assumed there were technical problems when there weren't) I went over to and drew the names of Wendy Koehler and Sandra K321.  Wendy and Sandra, hope you enjoy the book!  Congratulations - I'll be in touch via email.

Thanks to all who entered.  As a sidenote, I'll be sticking to Google Docs for any upcoming giveaways I do.  Seems easier for everyone, and it means you don't have to post your email address on a public site.

It looks like I'll be buried in review books for the immediate future... I just got three assignments for a May 10th due date (halfway through Enid Shomer's The Twelve Rooms of the Nile at the moment), and I turned another review in today for Victoria Hislop's The Thread.  Fortunately, these are books I'd wanted to read anyway.  All are lengthy novels, but at just over 400pp apiece, none qualifies for the chunkster challenge unless I count authors' notes and glossaries... and I think that's probably cheating.


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I am having the same problem with the chunkster challenge. Madame Tussaud comes in at 432 without author's note, 440 with note. Almost... almost... but not quite. But at least it qualifies for the European challange and for the Support Your Local Library challenge, LOL. So many books, so little time.... and now off to finish Madame Tussoud and begin working on Gilded Lives.... :)

    Mary Galliver

  2. I read Madame Tussaud from the paperback and remembered that it barely qualified - it was either the epilogue or author's note that put it over 450. I'll have to go back and check. Seems silly that a typesetting change may make the difference. Fortunately I still have plenty of other chunksters without it!