Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Albany HNS conference news

Um, that wasn't really supposed to be a rant yesterday, but I'm guessing it came across that way. I've talked about my dislike of spoilers here before, and that was a classic example.... but in retrospect, I probably sounded like I didn't have enough caffeine. (Which would be true.) Anyway.

This morning I posted the call for presenters for the next Historical Novel Society conference, to be held in Albany, NY, next June 8-10, 2007. This form is for potential speakers only... general registration will open around November 1st. But we sold out last time, so if you're interested in going, mark your calendars!

The conference is less than a year away - hard to believe - and I hope to meet some of you in person there. (Blogger table at dinner?) I'm the registration coordinator/budget person for this go-round, plus I'm doing the website work as usual. My friend and fellow board member Trudi Jacobson is the program chair, so any detailed programming-related questions can go to her (details on the form), or you're welcome to post general comments here, too.


  1. Sarah:

    Is the conference for Historical Novel Society members only? I've considered joining (seriously) but haven't as of yet. I also go to the Surrey conference every year, and couldn't manage more than one--but perhaps if my book is sold by next year (huge crossing of fingers) I could come!

  2. Hi Susan,

    Anyone's welcome to come to the conference. At last year's event, it was about half members, half non-members, though the non-member registration fee was slightly higher. I've heard good things about Surrey. The HNS one is for both readers and writers, so the focus will be somewhat different, plus it's geared exclusively to historical fiction, of course! (Best of luck!)

  3. Thanks for posting the info :-) And don't worry, though you did rant a bit, it's a rant worthy topic!! I too HATE spoilers in reviews.

  4. Thanks :) I guess I thought it was especially unfair, b/c if it was a spoilery blurb that the publisher posted by mistake, it could be removed or fixed ... but when it's a review that Amazon includes automatically, there's little that can be done.