Review Policy

Updated for August 2013 and after: 

Thanks for your interest in my review policy. Due to a backlog of titles to cover, Reading the Past is closed to review and interview queries, and new requests are not being accepted.

Guest posts:

I'm open to the possibility of guest essays from historical novelists (or others in the field) about the writing or research process, a novel's historical backdrop, or other topics of interest to historical fiction readers and writers.  Some guidelines:  Posts should be original (I don't post material that can be found elsewhere on the web) and should present more than a book synopsis.  Readers will get the most out of a guest post if it offers them something new and isn't strictly promotional.  Email me first with potential ideas.  Please note, however, that I accept only posts related to novels that are likely to appeal to me personally.  I'll consider posts about self-published novels if I've previously read the book (or other work by the same author) and can confidently recommend it to other readers.  Guest authors retain the copyright to their contributions.  See examples of previously published guest posts.


More about my interests:

Reading the Past covers historical fiction exclusively. This includes commercial and literary novels, sagas, mysteries, epics, and fantasy novels with historical settings. My reading tastes are wide-ranging and tend not to follow trends.  Please browse through my site to get a better idea of my preferences.

Favorite topics and subgenres:
- Sagas
- Early American settings
- Medieval England and Europe
- Historical mysteries
- Novels with intriguing female characters
- Less familiar historical settings or subjects
- International titles
- Novels in translation

I do not accept for review:
- Military or "big battle" fiction. Although I know they're popular, I don't typically review male adventure novels, either.
- Alternate history
- Historical romances (which I read, but there are many other venues for these reviews)
- Contemporary novels about the past
- Historical nonfiction, historical films, or audiobooks

Sample reviews for books I especially enjoyed:

Sally Gunning, The Rebellion of Jane Clarke
Jude Morgan, The Taste of Sorrow
Diana Norman, Fitzempress' Law

Contact me

I can be reached at sarah (at) readingthepast (dot) com. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, but please note that this site is closed to new review and interview queries.

My mailing address:  Sarah Johnson, Booth Library, Eastern Illinois University, 600 Lincoln Ave., Charleston, IL, 61920, USA.


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