Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow's the big holiday, so I spent today with my bread machine, making a couple loaves of holiday bread and dipping into the fruitcake mix a little too often (it's bad for me, but there is real fruit in it).

I'm over halfway through my review book, and in the holiday spirit, I am giving thanks that nothing quite so odious has happened in Part 2. Yet. But because I'm also thankful that most other authors have a greater sense of decency - as well as a less, um, overstuffed writing style - I'll be putting this novel down for the interim and finding something more to my taste. I've picked out Kathleen Givens' On a Highland Shore, which a couple friends have recommended, and we'll see how that goes.

For the moment, though, we're settling in to see The Da Vinci Code on DVD. I still haven't read the book.


  1. I can practically smell that fresh baked bread! Sounds wonderful! I am hungry!

    My husband went to see the DVC (I have not seen the film or read the book) and he was shocked at the shoddiness of it from a theatrical point of view, considering what talents they had to work with. He said the scenes of Paris were great, though.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  2. I enjoyed the film, although parts of it were so dark (okay, it was night for a lot of it, but still) that I had trouble seeing what was going on - and had to back up the DVD. Tom Hanks also looked old and tired, and I didn't buy him as Robert Langdon. (I did read Angels and Demons.) And the "female lead" (Audrey Tautou) wasn't much of one - she basically followed him around.

    Good points: the Frenchmen spoke French (with subtitles), there were some great visuals, and I liked how they re-enacted some of the historical scenes in the background.

  3. That is exactly what my husband said, too. And the historical flashbacks mixed true history with gross inaccuracies, which he found annoying.