Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend reading

Two more of my Booklist reviews are online at Amazon: Sebastian Faulks' Human Traces (which credits my editor, Brad Hooper, instead of me; the actual magazine has it right) and Ami McKay's The Birth House.

Friday afternoon when I got home, I found (amidst the piles of chick lit, paranormal romance, and other books I can't assign) an envelope from Random House with a brand-spanking-new copy of Charles Frazier's Thirteen Moons. It happens to be a duplicate, so this one's mine, all mine. Did I start reading it right away? Of course. I'm on p.80 and I must say, it's more than living up to the hype. After the past six weeks of blah reading, with a couple exceptions, I'm finally enjoying fiction again.

Friday was also the due date for November's HNR reviews, and most of them were sent between 6pm and midnight. It's amusing how predictable it is. Everything that's arrived, I've pasted into my file, but there are a few stragglers that I'll chase up tomorrow.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, people. We're heading to Champaign for shopping and dinner.


  1. Oh, yay, I also have this book coming from Random House, so I am glad it is good! (The Thirteenth Moon that is.) :)

  2. I went to Amazon and read your review of The Birth House. Enjoyed your review and added the book to my wishlist to buy.

    Speaking of reviews - I've often found the Publisher's Weekly ones to be - well - mean. I'm glad they identify flaws, but they seem sometimes to be very cranky about it. I never see a real name attached to those.

  3. I agree - the PW ones can be mean, and occasionally spoiler-laden, and they're never signed. Kirkus is even meaner, though!

    Hope you enjoy Thirteen Moons and Birth House, respectively! The former may turn out to be my best read of the year.