Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two new historical blogs

A welcome to the historical blogosphere goes out to these folks:

Favorite PASTimes - six authors "sharing their insights on writing, reading, viewing and researching historical fiction."

Word Wenches - seven of my favorite romance and historical writers "plotting in the present, writing about the past...and improvising the rest. " This blog's been up for a month, but I just came across it yesterday, via one of the author's signature files on RRA-L.

The next bit isn't HF-related, but since it's such a great photo (credit goes to my husband) I wanted to share something we saw in our backyard earlier tonight:

It's turning into a real wildlife sanctuary - we've got raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and the usual birds (including hummingbirds) out there on a regular basis. The cats love it.


  1. Oh--we just had a deer in our front yard this very morning. Biggest one I've seen so far! But I couldn't get a photo of her.

  2. Great picture!!!

    We have deer here too - almost hit one on the road last week. A little TOO close for my comfort in this case *g*.

  3. The ones here don't always hang around long enough to photograph. But this one was around for 5+ minutes, munching on trees.

    And this morning we had a big black cat (a little smaller than Max) a few feet outside the screen porch. I knew something was up b/c Callie started making the strangest high-pitched shriek. When I got out there, her tail was big and puffy, and she and the other cats were lined up in a row to defend their territory. That's the only time they get along.

  4. Aw, that's cute.

    We don't get deer here, but lots of smaller animals. Including martens that love to chew on cables in cars.