Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nest of Deheubarth speaks

Isabella of France has tagged me for the "me, too" meme, and Nest of Deheubarth is more than happy to respond.

I am: Nest of Deheubarth, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, estranged wife of Gerald de Windsor, the so-called Helen of Wales.
I want: to live happily ever after with the man I love... but if he dies or puts me aside, I'm sure I can find someone else.
I wish: people would stop hating me because I'm beautiful.
I hate: the Powys clan for killing so many loyal Deheubarthians on their murderous rampages through the Welsh countryside. It's not Owain's fault he's related to those evil bastards.
I miss: my children, but not enough to give up my darling Owain.
I hear: that my husband Gerald is pretty upset with me.
I wonder: why Prince Henry didn't marry me and make me queen of England instead of that holier-than-thou Matilda. Rumor has it she'd rather be a nun, for God's sake! A lusty fellow like him deserves better.
I regret: absolutely nothing, even though it means hiding out in Welsh caves with Owain instead of living the royal lifestyle I'm accustomed to.
I am not: going back to my boring life with Gerald if I have anything to say about it.
I dance: best when I'm in the bedchamber.
I sing: mournful songs about my brilliant father, Rhys ap Tewdwr, to remind everyone of my royal blood. After all, his descendants are going to rule England one day.
I cry: for the lost glory of Deheubarth, but maybe my sullen brother Gruffydd will manage to win it back.
I am not always: to blame for the trouble I cause. After all, Helen wasn't the real cause of the Trojan War, either.
I made: every man that saw me fall in love with me. If they didn't, they obviously had other leanings.
I write: plaintive letters to my favorite daughter Angharad, since Owain wouldn't let me keep her with me.
I confuse: the men who were my children's fathers - I just can't keep straight which child belongs to whom. After all, there were five of them... or was that six? See what I mean?
I need: a strong handsome man in my life, even if he's not the guy I'm married to.
I should: stop wondering what that hunky constable of Cardigan Castle is up to, but I like to have a backup plan in case anything terrible happens to Owain.
I start: minor civil wars whenever I sleep with someone new.
I finish: with one man before hooking up with someone else. Well, except for that dullard Gerald, but you really didn't expect me to stay with him forever, did you?
I tag: Lady Tess, once she's more settled in her new locale, and Sarah C. Perhaps Boudica or some nice Roman chap would like to chime in?


  1. Lol, that meme really spreads.

    Too bad I can't get any of the two books you mentioned here. She sounds like an interesting character.

  2. Thanks, Nest! Must get cold in those caves, though.

  3. Nest thanks you for your concern, but says the caves are only temporary until all relevant parties accept Owain in her life. In the meanwhile, they're managing to generate enough heat. LOL

    I think this is a good time for someone to write a new novel about Nest, because her life certainly has enough drama in it.