Monday, May 01, 2006

HNS Editors' Choice books announced

In case you haven't seen this on the main HNS list, the editors' choice novels for May were posted this morning. My personal pick was Sally Gunning's The Widow's War, which I've already recommended to a bunch of people, but there are some other great-sounding novels here too. While surfing around this morning, I found a blog written by John Barlow, whose novel Intoxicated was another EC pick. He has a timely post up at Slate about his experiences working with 17th Street Productions, the book packager who owns part of the copyright to that plagiarized book everyone's talking about.

Anyway, there's always such variety in the Editors' Choice lists. As usual, the novels reflect a wide range of locales, subgenres, and time periods. I know that some historical periods and settings are consistently more popular than others, both with reviewers and the reading public, but the EC novels never emphasize one setting over another. Somehow, it really pleases me to see this.

And on the lighter side for today...

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury

While I have no desire to be called the "Flanders mare," and don't think I own any ugly shoes (well, except those old sneakers...), the idea of being the only one of Henry VIII's wives to outlive him for long does have a certain appeal.


  1. I came out as Katherine Parr, but then the test-maker probably has never seen my closet. I don't think I own anything but ugly shoes.

  2. I should have avoided commenting on the shoe issue, given that today I'm committing the ultimate fashion faux pas - white shoes before Memorial Day. Comfortable white shoes, even.