Friday, September 01, 2006

Conference stuff, revisited

A quick note - the HNS conference board of directors will be accepting proposals for talks/workshops/panels/etc for the 2007 conference through the end of September. The online form is here. The conference will be held in Albany, New York, from June 8-10, 2007. (Yes, I've blogged about this before, but just a friendly reminder...)

If anyone has questions about the conference, please leave a comment here, or feel free to email me. The campus IT staff is going to be taking our email down (again, argh) for the long weekend, so if you need a quick answer, use instead of the one on my profile.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to be spending the weekend at the reference desk (Saturday), packing up review books (Sunday), and getting ready for Tuesday meetings (Monday). Not terribly exciting, no. In between, I may attempt to get through more of this novel I started last week, or I may put it on hold and start reading linguistics stuff again. Not sure.

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